We are a small team of professionals who have a love of Dubrovnik. All of us have been living here for lot's of years, some of us all our lives! Dubrovnik is our home! We like laughing, walking around the streets, having local foods, drinking a glass of wine or two and talking with friends. Skills that help us guide and make our wine and food tasting tours as fun, enjoyable and interesting as possible.

We have all travelled the world and enjoy art, culture, languages, history, architecture and food. We see ourselves lucky enough to live here and call Dubrovnik home, the best place for enjoying our interests and hobbies. The best part of working as a taste Dubrovnik guide is we are able to share our knowledge, experiences and understanding with travellers visiting. You will get to experience all this and more while being guided through Dubrovnik trying traditional and modern local food and drinking different wines.
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